NetYield for Seafood Professionals

Seafood professionals face many unique challenges

  • Items are purchased by the case, broken into the bag, sold by the ounce, and priced by the pound
  • Paper-based inventory is inaccurate and information can not be passed to different parts of the organization
  • Accounting and inventory systems do not stay in sync, leading to inaccurate margins
  • Inventory is held at multiple locations
  • Keeping track of regulatory information is difficult and error-prone
  • Seafood accumulates a lot of cost as it moves through the system from import fees, freight charges, freezer fees, handling fees, selling costs, rebates - all of that needs to be factored into the margin calculation
  • For fast moving inventory, delayed costing is required when the full cost of the inventory is not fully known at the time of sale
  • Employees are increasingly working remotely and looking for access to the platform through a web browser and mobile device
Multiple Units of Measure

Quantities and prices can be specified by the case or pound

Real Time Inventory

Order inventory selection shows on-hand and available quantities at the item level and your custom attributes at the lot level


Every lot maintains a complete history of all inductions and releases

Full Cost Absorption

Inventory cost reflects product price and estimated procurement costs. Estimates are contrasted to actuals when known

After-the-Fact Costing

Product cost on invoiced sales determined when full procurement costs are available

Integrated Accounting

Inventory orders automatically generate all accounting entries for AP, AR, and GL

Finding a software package that can provide this functionality at a reasonable cost is hard

NetYield can help

NetYield helps seafood companies handle the basics of seafood that other platforms fall down on. We support multiple units of measure, multiple costing approaches, and multiple locations. Because we are a seafood specific ERP, we built support for all of the regulatory requirements and financial requirements of seafood from day 1 and continue to stay on top of the market.

With an approach refined over 30 years and thousands of seafood professionals, our cloud-based version offers the best of NetYield from any device and lets you focus on what you do best: seafood.