NetYield for Seafood Distributors

Seafood distributors face many unique challenges

  • Gathering all the orders with enough detail from an increasingly remote sales force
  • Providing pricing guidance and monitoring exceptions to those guidelines
  • Transforming orders into an efficient process for the floor and dividing up that work
  • Labeling key work products
  • Dynamically adjusting routes that can flex up and down dramatically over a week and a season
  • Getting the trucks loaded, confirming the inventory, and ensuring the drivers know who to collect from
  • Staying on top of fish yields to ensure you’re not losing money on a bad cutter
  • Staying on top of your margins in a fluctuating market

All in a 24 hour period, then the clock starts again immediately.

NetYield can help

NetYield helps seafood companies organize to meet the fast-paced needs of a distribution operation.

Enter orders faster

Get the orders in faster using order history and pricing guides. Set prices rapidly using several different approaches (e.g., markup over cost, list price, contract pricing) and adjust those prices for specific customers and chains. Restrict pricing allowances with tolerance and report on exceptions to stay on top of your sales force.

Get the trucks out on time

Organize your floor using department-based pick lists organized in one of 6 different ways. Print tickets or labels to divide up work and organize work product. Expand or collapse routes rapidly. Generate reports from orders to help drivers pack and confirm inventory rapidly and collect for their route.

Check profitability

Once the trucks are out, immediately see if you made money and adjust in real time.