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Multiple units of measure

Multiple Units of Measure

Quantities and prices can be specified by the case or pound

Real time inventory

Real Time Inventory

Order inventory selection shows on-hand and available quantities at the item level and your custom attributes at the lot level

Lot traceability


Every lot maintains a complete history of all inductions and releases

Multiple costing approaches

Full Cost Absorption

Inventory cost reflects product price and estimated procurement costs. Estimates are contrasted to actuals when known

Custom attributes

After-the-Fact Costing

Product cost on invoiced sales determined when full procurement costs are available

Single platform

Integrated Accounting

Inventory orders automatically generate all accounting entries for AP, AR, and GL


Net Yield is a complete accounting and inventory management solution available for deployment on your server or in the cloud. We power the one-man operation doing business on a laptop to some of America's largest seafood giants and everything in between.


With over 30 years of seafood industry experience, our advisors can help over the phone or on-site in any situation from pre-purchase software assessment to closing your books. We've helped hundreds of companies solve their business problems.

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