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NetYield is

..a fully integrated, complete, business software system. Designed for seafood processors, distributors, importers and exporters of weight-based commodities, Net Yield includes many robust features, including advanced sales, purchasing and inventory management capabilities. Our back-end accounting suite is uniquely inventory driven - automatically generating the resulting accounting transactions for you from the sales, buyers and plant floor events.

...a real-time seafood Inventory Control system that accounts for shrinkage, variable yield, and time sensitive attributes for commodities, and records all inventory movements and adjustments, permitting users to minimize stock, inventory waste and cost. Handle the inventory now - and the costs when you know them. Order Processing application that is fully integrated with your accounts receivable, inventory and general ledger. The system provides screen entry of orders with immediate customer look-up, order from history, multi-line listings of the ordered items' gross margins, customer payment history, etc. Inventory status is reported as orders are entered. Invoices, bills of lading, shipping labels and air bills can all be produced by the system.

...a tool that provides integrated Traceability, Country of Origin, NMFS S.A.F.I.S, and many other industry specific tools to let you complete your work in less time. Processing and receiving yields are calculated, work orders are processed from bills of materials, recipes can be programmed, and much more. Route management routines allow you to quickly and efficiently ship product to customers, using tools such as pick tickets and loading schedules.

...a leader in the seafood industry as a full cost absorption, weight based inventory control system. NetYield handles and helps you manage inventory by lots, calculate true production yields and allows you to buy, sell and stock in different units of measure.

Why choose NetYield? The top 3 reasons:


NetYield helps ensure that the information you enter is accurate so you can find your problems, fix them and stay profitable.



NetYield and its staff have been in the business for over 20 years providing high standards to ensure that your software and company both operate at the appropriate level.



NetYield is an extremely flexible software that can accommodate different organizations of any size or complexity and as your business grows and adapt as you do. NetYield is regularly tested through Microsoft to ensure maximum compatibility and as a result LAN Infosystems has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for many years.